The Company
Ideias Associadas, Architects Lda, is a Company, based in Lisbon, dedicated to architecture design since 1995, basing his work on the concept of technical, environmental and social responsibility, promoting a quality, sustainable and identity architecture of the environment where the project is inserted.

It is the company's goal to formalize the ideas and interests of our clients, adapting our work to the needs, ambitions and budget of each client, in order to create a unique built reality with architectural quality. 

In order to develop our mission we have a multidisciplinary team, equipped with specialized and experienced collaborators and technological means necessary to develop and respond to the challenges of our clients.

What We Do
The company is dedicated to the execution of studies, projects and services in the area of architecture, urban planning, interior remodeling and maintenance of buildings, supervision and technical assistance of works, among others.

We also provide consulting services in the areas of architecture, town planning and decoration, prepared with the support of technical reports and elements necessary for the final decision by public or private developers.